Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with a number of exciting clients, from diverse backgrounds. 

For a third year running, Westminster City Council, have invited us to guest speak at their Enterprise Week. This gave us the opportunity to speak with
a large amount of students, from schools and colleges within London. We covered topics such as, the importance of self-directed projects, creative collaboration, and how you can build a strong career within the creative industry.

We have conducted a number of workshops through Eric Festival, as well as being guest speakers at one of their most popular events,
which was hosted at Somerset House.

A stand-out project for 2018, was with the lovely Swarzy, who is a KISS FM radio presenter. 
We curated an exhibition which was dedicated to Black History Month. We celebrated young people of color, who are perhaps not so well-known, but doing amazing work within their field regardless.
All design material, from print to video content were created by Olga & Kay. 

The exhibition took place at We Built This City on Carnaby Street, London. We received a lot of positive feedback and as a result we were able to discuss more on the project at BBC Radio London, as well as speaking live on two occasions on
BEN Chanel TV

A massive thank you to everyone featured, and
we look forward to working with you in 2019!